• Chairman, Basel II Implementation
  • Chairman, IT Transformation
  • Chairman, IFRS Implementation


  • Set up a functional Operational Risk Management Group from the scratch.
  • Set up a functional Economic Intelligence Group from the scratch.
  • Developed Macro-economic model for forecasting on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Developed an Anti-Fraud Policy for the Bank.
  • Developed BCP plans for the Bank’s subsidiaries.
  • Project Manager, Basel II Project Implementation
  • Project Sponsor, ORM Software Deployment
  • Developed and implemented Integrated Stress Testing Model
  • Deployed Model for Predicting Systemic Risk


  •  Developed all the Risk Policies: OR,CR,MR,Reputational and Legal, Environmental and Social, Strategic, Business Continuity Plan, etc.
  • Key player in the introduction of Western Union in 1996
  • Key strategy Team Member in crafting FirstBank first-ever Transformation Roadmap: The Century II Project.
  • Key player in FirstBank Century II: New Frontier Project.
  • First in the history of the Bank to be appointed Group Co-ordinator and Chief Economist.
  • Key player in the Credit Process Transformation Project.
  • Key driver in developing a Portfolio Management Template.
  • Project Manager: Basel II Capital Accord Implementation. (First in the history of the Bank).
  • Crafted Enterprise Risk Management Framework for the Bank (approved by the Board with copies to the CBN and is being implemented).
  • Set-up Operational Risk Management Division (very functional).
  • Deployed an Operational Risk Management Solution (HSBS – OpRisk Manager &OpRisk Modeller) – very functional, etc.
  • Crafted Charter for Board Audit & Risk Assessment Committee.
  • Crafted Charter for Internal Audit.
  • Crafted Information Security Risk Management Framework (with Consulting assistance)
  • Undertook a six–month intensive induction program on all areas of the Bank’s operations.