A set of agreements set by the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision (BCBS), which provides recommendations on banking regulations in regards to capital risk, market risk and operational risk. The purpose of the accords is to ensure that financial institutions have enough capital on account to meet obligations and

Operational Risk Management has emerged as a critical issue in risk management following the Barrings debacle. Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly undergoing myriads of change and today face an environment marked by growing customer sophistication and expectations, stringent regulatory demands, proliferation of financial products, technological innovation and high

Risk Management: Basel II and Implementation Challenges in Nigeria (Gemstone Capital Workshop), Lagos ProcessCare IT’ LLC with RC: 1098537 is a leading edge technology and Software Development Company focused on delivering the best, easy-to-use and most cost-effective services and solutions to its clients. We have an impeccable experience as far

The Basel II Capital Accord specifies clear rules and standards in relation to operational risk management. It defines operational risk to include legal risk but excludes strategic and reputational risks due to issues relating to their quantification. The Accord prescribes three approaches in the measurement of operational risk: Basic indicator,